Drug and Alcohol Service for London

Newham Community Drug and Alcohol Team

From 1.7.14, CRi provide adult drug and alcohol treatment in Newham. Contact CRi on 020 7511 3740 or email: newham.referrals@cri.org.uk for details of their services and locations.

DASL Newham Services

DASL offers a range of services in Newham, including gambling counselling (details below), a specialist Eastern European service, cycle project and urban garden project. For more information and to see our services leaflet, click here.

The referral form for any of these services is available here.

Gambling Counselling at DASL

Gambling is as much of a problem as other forms of addiction yet it is often dismissed and certainly not well recognised. It is also an increasing problem with the rise of internet sites, interactive TV, increasing numbers of betting shops and casinos. For those who gamble it can also cause similar problems to other types of addiction. Relationship difficulties and problems with employment are common and as the gambling increases so does the fear of being discovered and the increased risk of the habit impacting on the gambler's physical or mental health.  Of course worries about money are significant but the problem can go much further than that.    

 At DASL we have years of experience of working effectively with people with addiction problems and at the beginning of 2013, we are offering a new service specifically aimed at those who find it difficult to control their gambling habit and want to get help. Those in 12 step recovery are welcome.

A problem for you?

If you think you might need help then you or your GP can contact us on 0333 055 8585.

Sessions are available at Capital House, Stratford and you can book an appointment for an assessment on the above number to talk with a qualified counsellor.

There are a number of options that the assessor will talk through with you. Sessions are on a one-to-one basis and offered weekly, for 8 weeks, in the first instance. The counsellor will work with you to identify the triggers to your gambling behaviour and to find ways of coping; they will help you to understand the thoughts and feelings which are associated with gambling and work out a strategy for challenging, coping and changing the behaviour.  If you need to get financial help and advice during this period, your counsellor will be able to refer you for this.

Please do call us if you would like to know more.

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