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Silver Lining Project

(Unfortunately, funding for this project has now ceased.)

Older People and Alcohol Project – The Silver Lining Project

Britain has an ageing population. In 2007, 9.8 million people were aged over 65 but by 2032 this figure is projected to rise to 16.1 million – equivalent to almost one in four of the population. As the population ages so the population of problem drinkers also ages.

DASL established its Older People and Alcohol Project in 2008 in Greenwich and Bexley. The Silver Lining Project provided support, advice, training and consultancy to older residents (over 55 years) of Greenwich, along with the professionals who were involved in supporting them.

The Silver Lining Project recruited and trained a team of peer mentors, some of whom were retired, to be involved in the project. The skills and experience of these volunteers was an invaluable addition to the support on offer to clients as well as providing further insight into the difficulties and opportunities of older age.

The Silver Lining Project facilitated a weekly alcohol support group for older local residents at Age UK, Eltham, on Monday mornings.

For information on other substance misuse support services for residents of Greenwich, please click here.


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