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Gambling Support and Education Services




Service available 1 day a week on Thursdays, 4pm -8pm.

Problem gambling is as much of a problem as other forms of dependency, yet it is often dismissed and certainly not well recognised. It is an increasing social problem with the widespread availability of betting shops, remote gambling through smart phones, websites and social media gambling services.

DASL, in partnership with Betknowmore, is providing a range of FREE services at our East London Hub to combat gambling problems and to support those affected by gambling.

The services we offer are:

Counselling: FREE, weekly, one-to-one support to address the underlying issues of gambling and dependency. We can offer brief advice sessions, short term solution focussed counselling or longer term (up to 12) sessions.

Workshops: providing information and resources to address problematic gambling, for people who are experiencing gambling problems.

Information and Education services: posters, flyers, events and training opportunities, for professionals and organisations who want to gain an understanding of gambling problems and the associated arising issues.

See the GaMS HUB poster here.

To make a referral, please complete our referral form.

For more information about the service and to find out the drop-in days and times please contact DASL on 0333 055 8585.