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Please note, the content of our website is currently being updated. Whilst this work is in progress, there may be some discrepancies across the site. We do apologise for any inconvenience and hope to have a more up-to-date site very soon.


At the start of 2015, it is exciting to announce that DASL is introducing several new projects to firmly embed our services within the public health agenda and cater for a wider range of needs: CBET; GaMS-East; On Your Bike and the Urban Garden project – all look at health from a new perspective.

CBET – which stands for light, brings together several years of working with the Central and Eastern European communities into a project which is meeting the wide range of needs users have identified, at one central location, staffed by specialist workers. Alongside basic support needs we are offering legal, housing, employment and health advice in a range of Eastern European languages backed up by family and therapeutic interventions if needed.

Alongside this we have two projects which form part of what are often referred to as ‘Green Gym’ initiatives but for DASL are simply logical ways to help people get healthier, gain new skills, find new interests and get support from their peers. The On Your Bike Cycling Project helps people learn and gain confidence in cycling, venture into pastures new – both geographically and physically - and offers those with no access to cycling or cycles a chance to join the movement which is gaining such momentum in London. Relaunching the urban garden project this spring with new staff and new financial support is particularly exciting. We have lots of ideas which we will be bringing together during the year and we will keep you up-to-date with developments.

A new partnership with Betknowmore has been formed to set up a Gambling Support Hub covering East London. Gambling is as much of a problem as other forms of addiction yet it is often dismissed and certainly not well recognised. It is also an increasing problem with the rise of internet sites, interactive TV, increasing numbers of betting shops and casinos. There are currently over 80 betting shops in Newham and equally large numbers in other East End boroughs. For those who gamble it can also cause similar problems to other types of addiction. Relationship difficulties and problems with employment are common and as the gambling increases so does the fear of being discovered and the increased risk of the habit impacting on the gamblers physical or mental health. Of course worries about money are significant but the problem can go much further than that. The Gambling Support (GaMS-East) hub is based in Newham and provides a unique opportunity to tackle the problem of gambling from a holistic approach; offering support to those affected whilst at the same time providing education and training to professionals who may come into contact with problem gamblers.

Our work with older drinkers - Silver Lining - and with young smokers - Bright Sparks - continues. The potential savings to the NHS from such interventions are significant and now widely acknowledged. Our projects have both evolved in response to service user needs and funders requests and you can find out more in our Services Section.

Whilst those affected by social exclusion remain a priority, we know from our experience that engaging with individuals from these groups and offering something which is attractive – not just a last resort or a temporary fix – means more effective interventions in the long run, better results and more satisfied clients. If you look at our new initiatives, I hope you will agree. If you want to come and see for yourself, then just give us a ring. Sue Kenten Chief Executive.

Sue Kenten, Chief Executive


Sponsor Jeff!

Jeff Self has been voluntarily offering HR and other directional expertise on DASL's Executive Committee for many years. This July he is embarking on a new adventure and raising funds for DASL at the same time.

In Jeff's words:

"I'm going to run the 10k Great London Run, finishing in the Olympic arena, on 19th July, 3 days before my 65th birthday.

I know it's going to be great fun, but I thought while I'm at it why not see if I can raise some money for DASL (Drug and Alcohol Services for London Ltd). DASL provide support to people and families experiencing problems with drugs and/or alcohol - and, indeed, with other forms of addiction. I have been involved with the charity for many years and can vouch for their valuable work.

OK, I know 10k isn't really up there with marathons and half-marathons - but any contribution you can make would be really appreciated."

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