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Welcome to DASL

DASL is a London based charity that helps communities to tackle the problems caused by drug and alcohol misuse.

Our aim is to help build stronger, safer and healthier communities where everyone has the opportunity to realise their full potential.

With over 30 years experience of providing substance misuse, education, training and outreach services, DASL has developed innovative projects working with Black and Asian communities, lesbians and gay men, older people and people in contact with the criminal justice system.

We are also very experienced in supporting people with difficulties related to mental health as well as people experiencing domestic violence.

If you are concerned about your own alcohol or drug use or that of someone else then you will find the information you need on our website to make contact. If you are interested in the work that we do, then please get in touch.

DASL staff and trustees are sad to announce that from 1st July 2014, DASL will no longer provide the contracted drug and alcohol services in Newham. These services have transferred to CRi, who can be contacted on 0800 652 3879, for drug and alcohol services/support in Newham.

Fortunately DASL will still have a visible presence in Newham and other London boroughs, but, after 30 years of delivering substance misuse services to the London Borough of Newham, we very much regret the Commissioners’ decision to no longer have local providers delivering services for local residents. Clearly it is important to ensure value for money and to seek to offer the best service possible to clients. However, the recent trend to bundle all substance misuse contracts into one single large contract may offer economies of scale and a cheaper contract but is it as effective?   People with drug and alcohol problems do not approach services easily and everyone working in this area will know that it is not a simple, linear treatment journey. Large multi-million pound national charities do not have the monopoly on knowing what works. Our last year’s contract working in partnership with the East London Foundation Trust has seen an increase in effectiveness and performance. Public Health England recognises the significance of below national average waiting times for alcohol users, with fast access to treatment for those who are motivated is crucial. That our successful completion rates from treatment remain above the national average is positive. DASL believes this enabled a reduction in service users being admitted into hospital by offering quick access to quality treatment.

Data aside, this is what our clients are telling us about our services:

“….helped me to change the way I think about drinking and helped me see a way forward

“counselling gave me the chance to talk about the reasons for my drug taking and to see a future without drugs”

“I like the groups, it’s a good way to get ideas about how others cope, learn ways to deal with stress other than to get drunk, to get support and be able to offer support, was a real eye opener”

“I was able to attend evening and weekends, this was a worry for me, as I needed support after having a detox and going back to work”

“I was very comfortable with Family & Carer Service and found the whole process very educational. I found it useful to be able to talk through some issues I was having in my relationship and how to deal with my partner’s drinking and drug using. I have been able to change some of the ways I dealt with things and my own behaviour. Talking has also helped me to get things off my chest and work on myself.”

I would like to thank all Newham staff, past and present, who have contributed to us gaining a well-earned local and London-wide reputation. Specifically our work with the new emerging communities has been recognised and fortunately this work will continue. We will be updating DASL’s web-site as the new services are launched. Our contact details and address remain the same.

Sue Kenten, Chief Executive.